The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process for the Port Access Road engaged community, advocates, and other government agencies to select a preferred route. This preferred route balances the need to efficiently move port related traffic to and from I-26 and the Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. Terminal with minimal disruption to the human or natural environment

Hundreds of community members participated in the Port Access Road NEPA Process. To address their comments and concerns, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and Fluor-Lane South Carolina, LLC (Fluor-Lane SC) have committed to:

  • Develop a vibration plan with pre- and post-construction surveys of nearby structures, monitoring sites during construction, and a protection plan for susceptible structures.
  • Enact a control plan to minimize dust resulting from construction activity using water trucks and other acceptable means.
  • Provide technical assistance to the City of North Charleston and LAMC for transportation issues that may occur as a result of the community's master plan.
  • Mitigate wetlands in-kind or through debit to the Huspa Mitigation Bank for estuarine wetland impacts and the Black River Mitigation Bank for freshwater impacts.
  • Offer full compensation through the Uniform Assistance and Real Properties Act of 1970 for commercial and residential land uses experiencing direct right of way impacts.
  • Install safety gates, lights, and signs at four railroad crossings: Accabee, Mission, Hackerman, and Discher.
  • Host a job fair and operating a local employment office until the project is 75% complete.
  • Convey excess property associated with the removal of I-26 Exit 218 in the affected area to the City of North Charleston.
  • Terminate Stromboli Avenue into Carner Avenue with a cul-de-sac constructed on Meeting Street just north of the new intersection.
  • Construct a noise barrier wall along the eastside of I-26 at Rosemont.
  • Award college scholarships to qualified students interested in furthering their education.

Information about the Port Access Design-Build Team Selection Process and project background can be found Here.